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Is this game no longer being worked on? The creator said there would be 2023 Q4 and 2024 Q1 updates but it's been 8 months since then and nothing seems to have been updated. The most recent update on Twitter was from December 2023. I don't purchase or play a game that isn't fully completed.

Hi there! The game is fully completed as of now. The new features that are coming are extras earned through the Kickstarter and requests from our players. And yes, those updates are still being worked on! It's taking a bit longer than planned, but it's still in the works! 

Of course, you are welcome to wait for the new updates if you'd like, but the game is fully playable from beginning to end right now. 


I heard there's supposed to be more secret routes - are they in the game yet? (the professor, the guy next to mystery club). And if they're not implemented yet, when will there be an update? 


Hi ! Where else except on Twitter can we follow the game's progress over the next few updates? :)

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For those with Mac: I fixed the issue by moving application to Applications folder, then opened Terminal and put in code:

chmod +x /Applications/

Then tried to run game, and it worked! <:D

I adore this game, the art, plot, and characters are very well done. My only complaint is the occasional glitch. For example, at/after week 9 if i try to choose astronomy as my elective it will say i chose it but when its actually time for it, it gives me zoology. Another instance of errors would be the backgrounds being slow to change with whats going on, I had finished one thing and it automatically said i moved to a different area (which is normal and fine) but the background didnt change with it. My last 2 concerns are a.) even after solidifying who was "most important to me" the game still gave me a singular scene with a different RO (the scene where Arien kisses MCs forehead after defending her) even though i was most certainly with a different character, & b.) at the end when i have to choose my path the game just freezes and i dont get to see the very end of the game (im referring to the last council testing/meeting). I love the game though, Greys my favorite :) 

Could someone let me know who the secret love interest is? 

There`s a couple secret love interests, plus they're going to add dlc`s later for more i believe. Currently it depends on which club you choose, i chose the mystery club so the ghost Alistair is available as a romance option

ooo I see!! Thank you :}

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him too

Thank you!!

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Hihi! I LOVE this game, and I've played it through twice now and am in the middle of my third playthrough. (Arien is my favorite, I love him so much, it's hard to try to romance the others). I HAVE discovered the console but none of the commands - any chance of those getting released for those of us who've played through a few times and want to be the most boss Oracle the whole way through when playing a Release Stress playthrough?

Just bought the game because I absolutely loved the Demo, but my Mac won't let me open the application :( Anyone perhaps have an idea how to fix it? It'd be a shame if I wasted money on a game I can't play :/

Hi! Try the solution here:  

And let me know if that works!

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It works until the point where I have to enter my Password in Terminal. It won't let me write it down or paste it in, so I can't execute it and when pressing return / enter, it just tells me smth went wrong :') I will try and buy it over steam and see if it (hopefully) works.

this happened to me as well!! it won't let me put in my password and it just says it went wrong. Did you find a way to make it work?


I wish there's a detailed walkthrough for this game tho :( bcs I hate stat-raising its hard for me to figure it out what it's the right choice for MC 



Really loved the game! Binged all the routes and fell in love w/Grey. Nearly cried on the secret romance lol.

While I know its not in the plan would totally buy a sequel/expansion/dlc to spend more time w/these characters.

i actually have it on steam and this game has such an exciting lore but I feel like its not explored well and there are only minimal romance interactions which makes me sad nevertheless I'm looking forward to its future updates :))


I wish there were more romantic interactions


Not bad, but kinda hurt my eyes with the sizing, the constant shifting of where the text would go. It's alot to take in.

Also I think the game suffered alot by choosing to be a management sim. I spent alot more time going through the management aspects than reading about the characters I was supposed to be invested in. It also didn't help that by the end i found out that the key really is to just spend all your time on one of the 4 categories so it felt like alot of bloat tbh.

I can say though I'm happy to see Dex as a future route because he was the most interesting character. 

oh yeah, i just also noticed someone said there was supposed to be events later if you accepted the necklace but on my runs with it I got nothing. So that miiiiight be bugged?

Does anyone know if this one run in a 32-bit system?

Wow - I love the game. Finally a game where I really like the  genre -) Do you consider on adding VA, if the selling of the game goes well? Even if its only with "Sounds". I think it would add a lot the game. I kinda missed that. But even so, I enjoyed it very much and I am excited about the new routes. Thanks for releasing such a great game.

VA would certainly be a nice addition, but it likely won't happen for a while. I've got a lot of other updates to make first! Once those are done, I can assess the success of the game and decide if we can add VA :)

I really enjoyed this game. The art, characters and story are all incredible! I have a small question, I saw that it was planned in a future update to have a route for the headmaster I was wondering if you have an estimate date for the release of this route? I'm so excited to find out about the headmaster's route, I think he's one of my favorite characters. 


The goal is to have the new routes added this year, but I don't have an exact time frame.


I enjoy every second of my first playthrough, and I am already planning many more because I am eager to play more of it, and all the characters caught my interest (which is rare!!!) 

So I definitely recommand it!

I am so happy to have bought this game.  I absolutely loved the demo!  Are you going to be selling any goodies of the sort in the future when most of your roadmap is completed?

so is this the full game?


It is! But there will be major updates incoming. 

mac versions will not work

What error message are you getting?

that the application can't be opened

 Try these steps:

1. Move the application to your Applications folder.

2. Open Terminal.

3. Paste

sudo chmod +x /Applications/

(note the file location may be different for each user, so confirm the file path before

4. Press Return/Enter.

5. Enter your password when prompted and press Return again.

6. Open the Radiants application.

Did you right-click, open? Then you'll usually get a prompt that's like blah blah we don't know this developer, and you can choose to open anyway.

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Stuck on week 4, monday. Version 1.1.3. It wont let me click past the note. (Never mind the update fixed it!)


Main character is so beautiful !

Deleted 259 days ago

Yes! It's on the list of things to add. :)


hi! is it okay to ask for some walkthrough for the Lls? thank u so much!

Oh yes, a walktrough would be nice.

Hey I need some help. I'm stuck on week 9 right after my first class after the attack. It talks about me going to my elective then the next screen it's just black. I've set it on auto to try to skip it but its just black. I'm in the Arien route if that helps. Thanks in advance

Hi! Which day is the black screen happening - Week 9 day 5?


I just uploaded an update - try updating your files and let me know if the error still occurs :)

Im stuck on week 10 thursday im on kais route and it asks me to find the culprit with magic (arcane) but its greyed out i can click it 100 times and it does nothing  so i cant get pass it :/ i hope im not doing something wrong lol I bought the game on steam I love the game other then that thank you !!

Make sure you update to the newest version - this is a bug that was fixed in the first patch :)


I did still doing the same thing it also did the same thing on the Allister route I'm sorry not trying to add more to your plate

Don't be sorry! I want it to work for you :)  Are you on version 1.1.1 ? You can find out on the title screen what version you are on. You probably have to re-download the file here on itch. Your saves should be intact still after redownloading. 

Yes it is i was able to get the Allister to work and grey but kai route is still stick at the same part it I'll try to restart it and see what happens maybe I did something on my end lol

I'm getting stuck at the screen where you're looking at the clubs.  The only one I can click through is the sport stones (whatever). The other two are stuck at the club description notes. On pc

This has been fixed and will go out with a new patch very soon!


are there only straight romance options? Or can you also romance some of the girls?


I'm pretty sure you can romance your roommate.

you can!


When it will come out for android?? :(


is there a walkthrough for this out yet?

There's a quick ending guide on Steam, but there will be more thorough ones later

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Hello :) I've ran into a bit of a bug? Or something that doesn't make sense to me. I was wondering if you could help?

Nope, it's a bug! I'm pushing out a new version now that has fixed a bunch of issues. Check for it soon!

Ahh, awesome! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I removed my main question to keep people from seeing spoilers, but I appreciate your answer :)

Hi I got the Mac full game but it does not work with macOS it says "application cannot be opened" and I have tried troubleshooting in many different ways

tried downloading on steam too and it doesn't work on there either


Hi! it's a weird Mac issue. I've got a solution here:

This is what popped up I tried following the troubleshoot steps this is from steam.

tried downloading on itchio too and it says "application can't be opened" so I followed the steps you provided but it says "no file or directory" on terminal 

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Hey again! I did a little research and found this information from Steam :

This error is generally due to one of two things: 1) anti-virus is blocking your game launch or installation; 2) an incorrect delivery of the game files by the Steam service. 

Start by disabling your anti-virus software before updating/running the game.

If that doesn't work or you don't have anti-virus, please validate your files, by right clicking on the game title in the Library of the Steam client. Then pick: Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game cache. 

Secondly, right click the game in your list and "delete local content". Then, reinstall your game, preferably to a different drive or folder if available. Please ensure you have enough local space to install and run your game.

If that doesn't help, please try:

1. Completely exit Steam.

2. Navigate to your Steam installation folder (~C:\Program Files\Steam) 

3. Delete the 'appcache' folder.

4. Restart your computer and attempt to launch the game through Steam

I tried that as well and it did not work have you received any updated information because I have not had this happen with other games so not sure what the issue is from

I'm getting events with the necklace in week 9 even though I chose not to touch it earlier in the run.


This has been fixed and will be updated with the new patch. I'll make an announcement when it's ready for download!


Unsure where to go for bug reports, so posting here: I have a bug where the geomancy elective turns into calligraphy when the week progresses. It started happening around week 6 in game. It's not happening with any of the other electives as of now.

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Same here. Specifically for me it was in week 7. The first two for that week were correct (Geomancy) but the second two were Calligraphy and it continued on to week 8 as well.
EDIT: Heh, now I'm getting symbology thrown in as well when I didn't choose it.


Working on fixing this bug! Will be uploading a hot fix today or tomorrow!

You can report bugs to their email address that is written in post "The Radiants has been released!"


Hello, I've been having a great time playing so far! I wanted to report that I ran into a problem with the class electives staying a black screen and not progressing once I get to week 12 during my second playthrough !


Is there another way to pay, if you don't have paypal?

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just...create a paypal account and link your visa/master card with it? (dont remember it allow to link with your bank account or not)

if you cant buy it here, the game also available on Steam?


I can't seem to do anything at the ending screen. It just stays on the background after the "What Do I Want to Do?" text appears


It's a bug! I know what the issue is and I will be pushing a hot fix tomorrow to resolve the issue. Thanks for the report!

I'm having some problem with the windows download zip. I was unable to access my downloads folder after I downloaded the game file, and tried to fix the issue but couldn't. After messing around with this for a while I accessed the file through a search and was able to delete the zip and now my downloads folder is working again.

That's unusual.. I wonder if its related to anti-virus software? Do you have one installed?



Its something about the file. I never even unzipped it, but just it sitting in my downloads made me unable to access the whole downloads folder.

Can you try downloading it to a different folder and see if the same issue occurs?

I just redownloaded it now and it worked fine.

Thank you!

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