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This game is currently in development! Please enjoy the demo and keep watching for progress updates.


When an ordinary college student witnesses the death of a young woman, she is thrust into a world she never knew existed -- a world alongside her own filled with magic, danger, and a cast of unbelievable characters. Forced to take the place of the woman she tried to save, she must prove herself by passing the trials of the Radiant Council or risk losing her memories forever.. 


  • 3 Love Interests (and maybe some secret ones!)
  • Customizable Personality
  • Simple Stat Raising
  • Lots of Colorful Side Characters
  • Exploration Mode
  • Multiple Endings



  • Writing, Programming, GUI Design - Allison Rose
  • Character Artist - Luxiella
  • Background Artists - Loreen, KieraWorks, GvioArt
  • Additional Artists - SonyaMoon


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TheRadiantsDemo_v2.1.zip 3 GB
RadiantsDemov2.1_Mac.zip 1 GB

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Bonjour est ce qu’il est disponible en fr ?


I loved this game and I can't wait for the full version! I would love to see an option for pronouns and small character appearance customization if it's possible! 


the potential of romancing rebellious grey as a lawful scheming mc tho

love it <3

Very nice demo! I hope Dex is one of the secret LIs :)



Really good demo! The storyline is similar to things we have seen in the past but, the atmosphere is completely different! I love, love, LOVE the personality aspect of the game!!!! I also love, love, love the MC and the love interests plus side characters! Every single character seems important to this game. I also love the amount of choice the player gets while playing. Normally, it's like 2 dialog options that lead to one ending or another, but in this demo it feels like your choices are all that more important, plus you have more than 2 dialog options and I really felt like every single time, there was an option similar to something I, myself, would have said.

I literally cannot wait for this game to release!!

It's a must play!


I loved this demo when I played it!! Best game I've played so far on my pc. I loved not only the world-building, visuals, and characters, but I loved how effortless and captivating it all was. I am looking forward to the full release of the game! 100/100!

It won't let me open my download on my mac. I don't know why, am I doing something wrong? It says the application can't be opened.

Is it saying something like "“[App Name] can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” ? If so, you should be able to bypass this by CNTRL clicking and selecting "open" that way.

No. That's why I was so confused. It won't let me open it whatsoever. It doesn't even give me any option.  :(

Have you tried redownloading it?

Many Many times.

Hmm.. I am not sure then. Let me look into it and I'll let you know what I find. 

I usually have to drag the downloaded app into "Applications," then control+click the icon. It'll say it doesn't trust the origin of the file, but there should be an 'open' option anyways. It might take a couple tries to get it to show, but it's always worked for me so long as it's in "Applications" and not "Downloads." I'm sorry if that still doesn't work for you :(

This has happened to me with other games and this one as well. If it just says "The application "___" can't be opened" then download the itch.io app first. Then download the game from the itch.io app. 


I love how the game is very well developed, with more exploration options than any other visual novel game. Very pleased


I can't wait for the full game!!! This is soo good...

Help, it's just a demo and I've already fallen for foxy-boi lol


I really enjoyed the story so far! The characters are really interesting and I can already tell I'm gonna have trouble choosing who to romance. I also love the writing and look forward to when the game is out.


I've just started playing this game and i love it, it's beautifully made, well written, and I can really see the effort that's gone into it! I know it's only a demo, but for the final game I'd like to suggest options for character customization (pronouns and skin color), because although it is a really cool game it'd be way nicer if there was some options for diversity! Loving it so far though ^^

I need to know what's next ;_;

Great game ! I had a wonderful time ! :)

Really good but I don't have the backgrounds just a black screen behind the characters

Hi! This is typically a graphics driver error. Make sure your drivers are up to date and try again. Let me know if it works!

(1 edit)

Could you please tell me what version of Shader model the game requires ? And the capacity of GPU memory needed ? So that I know if my hardware supports it.

The player.log file reports rhe error: "Got null handle from IDXGIResource : : GetShareHandle. (Filename: Line: 1316)"

(3 edits) (+2)

Great game! The characters are unique and interesting. The main storyline has a lot of potential .  The story and dialogue flow well.  I have a feeling I will really enjoy the full version. 

One of my favorite things about the game so far is the way you gain character traits. It’s very interesting and fun to plan out. I find myself thoroughly enjoying the weekends. 

There is only one thing that I’m not completely satisfied with.  I’d like to be able to have more control over the actions and words of the main character. I’d really like to be able to firmly reject the love interests during some scenes.  Like express my disgust or admiration for what the love interest’s say or do. For instance when the play boi flirt say something absolutely cringe worthy, I’d like to be given the choice to show signs of disgust or embarrassment. Other than that, the demo was vary satisfactory.  I’m  nervous about the price because it’s so well made, but I’m excited for the full release regardless. 

I love this game, I find it really unique! 

I'm loving all the characters, it's hard to choose a favorite tbh! And the art is just beautiful! 

One of the best games in here, for sure, even if it's not finished yet. Can't wait for the full release! 

amazing gameeeee !! fell inlove with syndra but i dont think shes romanceable, but arien and grey are pretty mwah as well. waiting for the full game, wondering if its going to cost money though since its so well made.


A bit disappointed that Mean Girl isn't on the list of featured romanceable characters... I fell in love at first sight /(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)/ Also slightly annoyed that (in the demo at least) I couldn't tell Grey to fuck right off so I could get back to something less annoying (like listening to a bagpipe orchestra). And foxy-boi, please don't assume that I want to hang out with you. Don't act like it's decided that we're having lunch when the only thing I want from you is a goodbye.

Honestly the characters aren't that bad (save the human embodiment of pollution that is Mr. Herrington), but the fact that I can't tell them to leave me alone greatly exaggerates my dislike of them.

Final notes: Rheala's cute, Syndra can step on me, Principal Daddy needs better taste in assistants


Syndra still might be romanceable there are secret routes apparently and I believe that the kickstarter goals to unlock Dex and  Principal Daddy 🤣 were reached. I don't remember where I read it but (probably on discord) that they would be free dlc

yes i need syndra in my life


Do you have an estimated price for the full game?

Is there any possibility of an android release? Is this made with renpy (so i onow if joiplay is an option)?


I usually don't play demo nor leave a review on itch.io but DAMN THIS GAME IS GOOD!!!


i love this so much it's so cool and also the ability to explore the different quads?? the world building??? the characters??? i want to date ALL OF THEM hnnnngnh i can't wait for the full game!!


played through this demo a few days ago and was so sad when it came to an end. i absolutely love this game so far and cant wait for more to come, i'm very excited to see how it all plays out. i love all the characters, mostly Kai tho LMAO. wonderful job on the game and good luck to the team!! :))) <33


I loved the demo so much! The illustrations and animations are beautiful and smooth, and the story is very interesting! The character we play is very customizable and the choices offered to them are not exactly very stiff or rigid to the point that there is a specific personality being imposed on the player. I can't wait for the full game to come out! Congratulations and good luck to the team behind this wonderful game <3


So I originally found this on Steam and I was like 'Eh, why not?', but omg- When I got to the end of the Demo I couldn't help thinking 'Noooo already??' it's honestly so cool and I love the different aspects of it. I'm so ready for the full story and to see the game in its finished form! 


LOVE! LOVE! LOVED THIS!!! Last night, I played this in one sitting and was fully invested in everything! This creator does an incredible job with world building and developing relationships. I was so sad when the end screen popped up at the end of the demo.  I absolutely cannot wait until the entire game is released!

I already know you guys are planning  on a 2022 release, but do you know more specifics? Like, is it fall 2022? assuming this game was created in the us, that is. 


It will probably be Winter 2022 if things go as planned! 

And there is no guide yet, but I'm planning on making one after release. 

hi! can i still support the kickstarter?


I don't currently have a way to do so, but I'm looking into it as I've gotten several requests for it lately. I'll be sure to update if I find a good solution. 

Hello! im trying to download the game but it wont work! Ive tried three times know but every time i try to find the file or click on it (im on windows) it says file removed? please help.

Hmm that is strange. I wonder if it's an anti-virus thing? If you have anti-virus installed, can you try disabling it and downloading again? Let me know :)

It worked! Also is there a guide for this game and its choices or are the players meant to find out on their own?


I’m generally not interested in prof-student scenarios but Prof Balin would’ve been enough to make me reconsider because whew….

Haha! This has been a pretty common opinion :)

I really wanna play this game but every time I launch the game it opens my files which has not happened before so I don't know what to do 

Hi! are you on pc or mac?

a pc

Have you tried right clicking on the .exe file and choosing "run/open" that way?

there's not a file with .exe at the end so I never could the file's name's are Public Demo 2.1 and .itch

Would you mind taking a screenshot for me? 

Also, if you haven't tried deleting and redownloading, give it a shot. Otherwise, I'll take a look at you screenshot and see if I can figure out whats going on. 

So- I just finished the demo and I love love love it so much! The art is so pretty! The story is amazing! I hope you guys make a gallery for the arts! Because I want to stare at it- If ever I need to pay for the full game- I need to save money first! And I'm a student- so I think I could actually buy this if I'm older enough and have a job hehe- and I thought Dex was a Love Interest, he's my favorite so far T^T 

Good luck Rose Arcana Games! Cheers for more success!!!


Dex was a stretch goal love interest, so it WILL be coming, but it will be added as a free DLC after the game is out :)


 I am in love with this game already! The characters feel so organic and all the little scenes in between classes and during the weekend help with the immersion. I will absolutely be buying the game when it comes out!


So glad you enjoyed it! There's so much more to come. We're still aiming for a 2022 release, fingers crossed!


Will we be able to change our skin tone in the final demo or is this our set look?,I don't mind either way just curious.


The MC is a set character for this game. :)

Kk thank you


I just tried out the demo and am really looking forward to the complete release! Keep up the good work dev(s) :D


will a male protag be available?

Not at this time. This game was designed as an otome, but future plans are in the air right now!

female li?


Yep! There is a female love interest available. 

who is she?


Rheala - your spunky dryad roommate. :)


what about kai sister


+1, want Syn to step on me

Awwwww sad I missed the kickstarter. This looks good. I can not wait for the full release! 

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