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This game is currently in development! Please enjoy the demo and keep watching for progress updates.


When an ordinary college student witnesses the death of a young woman, she is thrust into a world she never knew existed -- a world alongside her own filled with magic, danger, and a cast of unbelievable characters. Forced to take the place of the woman she tried to save, she must prove herself by passing the trials of the Radiant Council or risk losing her memories forever.. 


  • 3 Love Interests (and maybe some secret ones!)
  • Customizable Personality
  • Simple Stat Raising
  • Lots of Colorful Side Characters
  • Exploration Mode
  • Multiple Endings



  • Writing, Programming, GUI Design - Allison Rose
  • Character Artist - Luxiella
  • Background Artists - Loreen, KieraWorks, GvioArt
  • Additional Artists - SonyaMoon


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TheRadiants_Demo1.4_PC.zip 1 GB
Version 6
TheRadiants_Demo1.4_OSX.zip 1 GB
Version 3

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Hi! I've downloaded the game and it cannot launch because "UnityPlayer.dll was not found." I'm wondering if you can fix this issue? Thank you so much :D

Hey there! Have you tried deleting and re-downloading? 

I haven't :(. It took me several tries to download the demo so I'm hoping (lol) you can give me the unityplayer.dll file and the game will work. In case after re-downloading it the unityplayer.dll file is still not there, but I'll try re-downloading if you can't! 

try this link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q6kl9Jv-_QtYeu09sB0kgdv31ALFl_ga/view?usp=shari...   

if this doesn't work, i'm afraid you have to redownload the demo from the site. 

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3


i absolutely LOVED playing this. everything about it was perfect, the game mechanics, the writing, the flow, the graphics- EVERYTHING was beautiful and so fun to interact with. i just want more tbh...i'm already in love with rheala so i'm hoping we're able to pursue characters of both genders <3 also, i would very much enjoy it if there was character customization for the mc! i understand that this may be a little bit difficult, but it would be awesome to be able to change visual features of the mc. 

can't wait to see how this game progresses! i'm so engrossed in the plot :')

Is it normal for the game to just have a black background for a while or something? I assume not but yeah, I tried re-opening and it still doesn't work. Including the characters don't show up and stuff unless I'm picking a choice! 

( I play on Windows ^_^ )

Hi! This is an issue we've been trying to pinpoint the source of. Are your video drivers up to date? If not, do the problems still persist after updating the drivers?




this is one of the best visual novels i've played, and it only only in demo! the art is  breathtaking and the story and world building just pulls you in. This is certainly going places, and i cant wait to see more!

The game ran smoothly and had no issues, which is always a bonus!


I loved it! I felt as if I was really there. Overall experience was great I can not wait for more!

 I have no words!!  never played anything so consuming and interesting, everything felt so real as I was there myself. The art is breathtaking as the story itself.  Even though I can't express myself properly as English is not my first language, it is without a doubt that this is the best thing I've experienced and I can't wait to play the final version. wow, I'm still in a daze, how am I supposed to continue my life normally after this.

(1 edit) (+2)

I loved playing the demo! It was so much fun and I felt like I really got to roleplay, not just follow a story. The art is great and I love all the character designs.  Will we be able to customize the player character's appearance in the final game? Will Dex be a romance option?

I did run into a little bug where I went into the Summer Quad/Great Hall and wasn't able to leave again, which was kind of a bummer since I didn't want to increase my Force at that point. I did also notice that when you scroll through the buildings, some of the available opportunities aren't centered on the player's view, so I can see that they're there, but I can't get to them. I noticed this especially in the Winter Quad/Old Building, but it was present in all of the buildings. 

Bugs aside, I think this looks great and I can't wait to play the final version of this game.

Aaaa! Thank you for making this! 馃挄

Hi, I'm having an issue where this won't open for me at all - I'm on a mac and when i download it, the zip file unzips into ANOTHER zip file which then unzips into the game, but when I try to open the game it says I don't have permission to run it. Any ideas?

Hi! try changing the permissions on the file and see if that helps. Let me know if it does/doesn't !  https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/if-you-need-permission-to-open-an-item-...

It didn't work, unfortunately :( I tried setting it to Read & Write and then I tried Read Only and it still said I didn't have permission for it, which is super weird since this is my personal laptop and I'm the only one who's ever used it

(1 edit)

I am doing some research and it seems it's a Mac OS issue, especially users with the Big Sur update.  I don't have access to a Mac, so I can not test it with my file specifically. I know others have been able to open the file, but that's all I know. I found a lot of articles/videos related to this issue on Mac, maybe one of them will help you.  

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, I have absolutely no idea what it did, but I ran one of the commands this guy tried (which apparently failed for him) but it worked for me! Thank you so so so much!!!!! So excited to play :)

Edit: just in case anyone has the same issue as me in the future - what i did was paste sudo chmod -R 755 into the terminal, spacebar, and then drag the app into terminal to paste its location in there, then press enter to run it. this let me actually open the app, but THEN it got stuck on the black screen with the hourglass loading in the bottom right corner forever, so what i did next was paste xattr -d com.apple.quarantine into terminal, space, then drag the app into terminal again and press enter. the next time i ran the app it ran properly :)

I'm glad it worked! 

(1 edit)

That solution worked for me as well! Thank you so much for putting this here!!

i've tried doing this but it won't work

lolol came back and it did work

Hey, I feel bad saying something like this after all the other glowing comments. But I'd really appreciate it if you guys maybe notified me if you made it available for Android, more specifically the Amazon Fire. I'd be happy to beta if need be, I just really want to play and don't have a computer.


oh my god.

this demo was incredible and though i do not often write reviews, i simply couldn't hold myself- i needed to share how much of an amazing game this was. the art, the music, literally everything was just amazing- especially the animations. i cannot wait for the full game to come out. 

i didn't experience any technical difficulties whilst playing the game, so that's a plus! 

get this game right now, you won't be disappointed. :)


Great game! The quality of the art, music and animations even of the backgrounds are beautiful. I love this and can't wait for the whole game.

However there are a few technical issues like after the wisp informs us of our tutoring session, my screen goes blank. Not sure if the demo ended or stopped loading coz I didn't get like an endcard or anything. Sometimes it's hard to exit the game or when I try to close it, my screen glitches a bit. Also, maybe I'm just doing it wrong but I can't do any other activity other than take a run in the Spring Quad during the weekends. But despite all that, it's a beautiful game and would totally recommend you play it!

hi! so whenever i try and play the game the background doesn't show up. it's just a black bg. i tried exiting the game and playing again but it still does that. do you know what's causing this problem? i play on windows, btw. thanks in advance.


I am not sure, But I will look into it!

hello! i've downloaded the version for mac, it's on my desktop and such. but when i open it, it's stuck on the black loading screen with the little hourglass in the bottom right corner. I've had it opened for a while now and redownloaded it, too. unfortunately, it's still on the same screen. do you have any idea what the slight issue may be? thank you !

i had this same issue but I fixed it - do you know how to open terminal? (it should be pretty easy to google if you don't) 

what i did after opening terminal was paste this: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine

then press spacebar (so there should be one space between quarantine and the next thing), then drag the app's icon into terminal (this will paste its location into terminal), then press enter to run that code

my game worked properly the next time i opened it, no infinite loading - hopefully this works for you too!

Hello! I'm not sure where the best place to leave feedback is but I wanted to let you know that I spotted a couple of places where you used "persay" instead of "per se." It's a very common mistake but I thought I should alert you to it :)


Thanks! I'll be sure to edit that :)


Great game so far, but there are some things that should be adjusted. The first thing i noticed is that when I go to the commons during the break days it says its suppose to level control but instead it levels logic. The days are also pretty short and there aren't really all that many options in the game for the player to decide.  Another thing I noticed is that there aren't actual profiles for some of the side characters that deserve to have a face(ex: the club leader for the mystery club). Going back to the days going by quickly, i was very confused the first few times when my screen transitioned very quickly into the next day image wise, and even when I looked at my stats the game continued. There should probably be some sort of pause button or going into the stats or the save page pauses the game. Another thing I noticed was that most times you could click anywhere to progress the dialog but randomly it would make you touch the dialog boxes or a random object. There aren't a lot of interactions with the main characters/love interests and there is no flirtatious or love advancing options either.  When you do insert he love dialog options you should maybe make a system that tells you +1 romance or +1 friendship or something. Other then these minor things I absolutely adore this game and everything you guys have done so far, would highly recommend this game to others and I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I can play more. Great job devs. Keep up the good work!

Loving the demo so far, but it keeps freezing my computer (playing on 40HZ)- does anyone have any tips? 

Loved the demo! The characters are really interesting, and I'm looking forward to what the full game will be like! Is the Oculus, by any chance, Arien? Really like the characterization for Rheala and Kai so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the Council's planning and how the accident in our past is going to play a part in our future!


I'm blown away at how high-quality this demo was. The characters, background, and special effects are goregous! The art is amazing. 

I love the ablity to customize our character's personality and the chance to raise our stats. However, I'm not sure how effective the stat raising is. 

Each class raises two different stats (eg: caligraphy raises both quickness and composure). If someone wanted a "cool & calculated" character, they would take caligraphy for the composure but the quickness isn't needed. If someone wanted a "sporty rebel" character, they would want the quickness but maybe not the composure. 

In order to get our stats up in a way we want, maybe each class can raise +2 in a specifc skill? Or if we need to have 2 different skills raised per class, maybe they can be closely related. Geomancy raises both magic power & control, which I think is reasonable (unless someone really wanted a "weak power but strong control" character or vice versa). 

The way the game is set is just fine the way it is, but the characters will always come out a little less specialized. I tried making a character with strong mind skills but symbology raises logic & endurance, and zoology raises academics & force. By the end of it, I had someone with great mind skills but also surprisingly beefy lol. 

That's not a bad thing, but the game also mentioned the importance on focusing on a few skills than many. The ability to raise only the intended skills can make for some fun character stats. It'll be really satisfying.

Overall, thats just a minor nitpick and I think this game is amazing! I'm absolutely blown away. I'll try to support it when I can! <3

Loved the demo! Rheala is my favourite so far but definitely interested to find out more about the full cast. Really love the range of personality options and it'll be interested to see how those affect the gameplay. Any plans to allow keyboard controls for dialogue choices, and for the Enter key to advance the screen between days? At the moment these elements require a mouse click. A small detail though. Very excited for the Kickstarter next week!


I can definitely add more keyboard controls to the final version! There are already some available, but I have yet to add a map to show players what they are. It's for sure on my plan to do this :)

The demo is astounding! The art is incredible, the character sprites are amazing to; the fact they moved caught me off guard but was quickly something charming adding to the loveliness of the game.  I can't wait for the full release!

This probably isn't the best means of contacting the dev, but I'm not too familiar with how itch.io works and can't figure out if there's a "contact" button somewhere. 

Anyway, I'm a curator from the group Otome Lovers on Steam who was given a key for the demo, but it doesn't download. There isn't a file attached, if that makes sense. 

I'd download the demo from here, but I don't think Steam will allow a curator review unless the demo is played through Steam.

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, steam seems adverse to giving keys for demos. Something I wasn't aware of until after I sent them.  :( You can still download the demo on steam, through this link, just make sure when you install it, that it says "Demo" on it. Let me know if that works for you and thanks for wanting to check out the game!

I tried that already. It does the exact same thing. :/ 

It acts like there's no file. Usually a game download will say how much space is needed and how much your computer has. None of that shows up. And if I do go through with the "download", the game is unplayable.

I think you have to completely remove the game from your library and re-download it. That's what seems to work for others. And make sure the title in your library looks like this:

Ah, I didn't know that! I had to go through Steam Support to remove it completely. That seems to have worked though. Unless there are any other problems, a curation should be posted sometime soon!

Glad it's working! I learned a valuable lesson about sending out curator keys for demos. :) 

I just finished the demo and so far it was an amazing journey! I downloaded this thinking that this was a full developed game which was stupid of me but I really liked the demo. The little animation of the characters caught me off guard in a good way. 

The plot is decently good, the art style is breathtaking, and the characters are unique. So far, I'm set in stone with testing out the play boy route first then Kai's route if this game is finished.

And I heard that Rheala is a route, I love you guys. I hope that the game will be developed smoothly. This demo was really amazing!

Very intricate and delicate worldbuilding! It's refreshing to see an otome game that has such a gorgeous artstyle and sprites that move/breathe/blink! It adds to the immersiveness of the experience! 

Glad you enjoyed it!! :)

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I've just finished the demo and so far so good ! I love it ! The art is gorgeous, and the sprites are animated (I love seeing Kai's ears pop up, that's so cute !).

The writing is really good, I actually thought the LIs would be just stereotypes, and they are not, they are likeable and endearing, I don't know with which one I will start with ! The one I liked the least is now my favorite. <3

Stats-rising tend to annoy me because you absolutely have to pass certain "tests" to have the right endings, so you end up playing with a soluce or repeat 10 times the same week, but it's not the case here, it won't affect your relations, and that's a relief.

A fourth route with Rheala would be great, I would love to know more about her, and she has a great personnality and beautiful allure, and if I understand what she says the right way, she apparently prefers girls ?

The only thing that would sadden me would be that the game is only 12 weeks long and stops after the Council test. That's too short, I need more please ! :D

Thank you for this game, I'll stop rambling now ;)

Glad you enjoyed the demo! 

Good news - Rheala's love route has been officially added for the base game. So many people love her, and I do as well, so I decided to make it happen :)

Cute game! I'm having some issues, though...

On days off, there are no choices except for in the Spring place. Winter, Autumn, and Summer show no choices except 'exit.' And now, at the end of week 2, the game just sits there spinning and does nothing.  Should this be happening or is something wrong with my install?

Well, that's an issue I haven't seen before! Are you on PC or Mac? Also, what resolution? 


Rheala is so pretty


Aaaah I hope Rheala will be a romance option she's so lovely. ;^;


The production value on this is off the charts. Completely loving it so far, and wholeheartedly second the motion to make Dex romanceable. Lol!


Could we ever possibly romance Dex? He's soooo my type :D


He's been a popular request, so I may be workin on a few things :)


Great game, I feel like an option to customise your character would be really good in the final version if thats at all possible.

(1 edit) (+1)

This game has been very lovely so far. I'm very interested in what the Council has planned for the MC. It seems very suspicious how the late Oracle managed to end up on the human world, being lethally wounded on top of that, only for a Council affiliate to show up and whisk the MC away. The mini-encounters that have skill check are kinda fun. They seem to be random?

For the engine itself, I have been encountering a weird bug. Sometimes when I try to save the game the game becomes unresponsive to any user input. Saving has previously worked just fine, but it suddenly stopped working and then occasionally started to work again.

If I q.save, then I can't click continue or anything else. Q.save doesn't work in that case. If I try to make a regular save in the save menu then it won't work and I can't do anything except to press alt+F4 and then restart the game. 

Maybe the game refuses to save once a certain save limit has been reached. I play on the PC, btw. I also checked my firewall/anti-virus if it blocks anything. I suspect skipping too much can cause these issues, since I haven't encountered and save/load issues when playing through the game the first time.

Lastly, I hope the secret LIs going to be 1 of the teachers or Dex or another secret dude.

Edit: I noticed that the common room in the Autumn wing has the "control" skill label, when we actually raise our "Logic" skill there. As far as looking through all the available activities/rooms in the demo, there is no room that let's you train "logic" just by purely looking at the labels. Maybe this is a mistake?

Thanks for your feedback!

You aren't the only one having saving issues, but as of yet I haven't been able to reproduce it. You may be right about the skipping though - I'm still continuing to test the issue so hopefully I'll figure it out soon!

I should note that it's not like the skip function doesn't work, but skipping over a longer period may, just may, be the cause.

Skipping for a short amount of time, then stopping, then skipping again seems to work? Although I'm not sure.  It's kinda tricky, because we get no feedback like an error message. The game doesn't even seem to freeze when the save function borks out and the game becomes unresponsive to any user input. Task manager says the game is still running correctly.

Hello! I came across the Steam page for this and it immediately caught my interest! (Lovely artstyle and the mechanics seem interesting with personality customization and stuff). I was just wondering if there's any female love interest? I don't want to get my gay hopes up in vain

Hi! There have been a loooot of requests to be able to romance the roomie, so this is something I am seriously considering. I think people would enjoy it, so it's very likely  this will be an addition in the final version!

Gotcha, thanks for the answer! I hope you do, that would be a deciding factor in getting the game for me. Will definitely wishlist and keep an eye on this ::)

It's a beautiful game so far. I loved the art, the stats system, and the customizable main character. Everything looks very polished too!

The only problem I encountered was the textbox issue everyone keeps mentioning. Other than that, the game looks and works great!

Hi there! Glad you are enjoying it so far!

As for the text box issue, are you on the latest version? that bug should have been fixed in the last update.

Oh, you're right! I was playing the 1.3 version. I didn't realize there was a new one. I'll let you now if I encounter the problem again in the new version ^^ 

Thank you! :)


gorgeous demo!
i fell in love with dex. i'd love to see more interaction with him, assuming he's one of the secret love interests? 


samee hes one of my faves


I don't know if it should be like this but I dont have a background Its just black all the time

(1 edit)

Definitely not supposed to be like that! What platform are you using? PC or Mac?


very strange! Have you tried switching resolutions to see if it resets?


I been playing the Demo and I am so excited for the full game !


I have to admit that I've really enjoyed playing through this demo and definitely want to see more of this.

I really like the idea of the moving sprites and whilst I'm not generally the biggest fan of stats raisers, I found the mechanics of this one quite enjoyable.

I also like the MC having different personality types eg. polite and am having fun playing with different types.

There are a few issues such as a stubborn placeholder textbox on the righthand side of the screen that obscures some of the text as well as the fact that when you choose electives they seem to stay on the right hand side permanently too - this is for the latest version of the pc version, but despite that the demo really hooked me in and I was able to (sort of) overlook the issues.

Are you planning to crowdfund for this by any chance (eg. kickstarter or indiegogo) or set up a patreon because I'd definitely back a kickstarter for this and would also be happy to contribute to a patreon as and when I could.

Looking forward to seeing where you take this in future.


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. 

I'm working on the weird textbox issue today, so hopefully I'll get this thing figured out. 

I do plan to do kickstarter in a few months, I'm just working on getting all these bugs ironed out before I get started on that :)

(1 edit)

I just started this but have been having a few issues. Note: I DL'd the most updated version available on itch.io (for Mac).

  • the resolution struggles persist - 

(this is in full screen):

  • (maybe related to the resolution struggles in a way?) when I go to navigate the settings, i get "stuck" in the settings menu (even if I press return, it doesn't actually exit the menu)
    • Possibly related - I'm not sure if this is supposed to be this way but on my settings menu, the only resolution option is 1440x__ @0hz
    • The in-game menus (both upper-right and lower-right) are also finnicky/not really working

I like  the art and I'm looking forward to checking out the demo in its entirety once the resolution stuff is hashed out (because as of now, I can't save or anything so it's been difficult to play!)

Good luck!



Oh no! Sorry you are still having troubles. What is the default resolution of the machine you are using? I want to test this with that resolution specifically so I can get this figured out. 

I THINK it's 2560 x 1600 for hi-res. 


Thanks! I've figured out that the issue is only with Mac, so I am working on a fix and will update asap. 

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